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Visual Arts

The visual arts are something we expereince everyday, not just in a museum. When we look around us and see everything man-made and designed, we can see the basic elements of art. Take a look at your sofa, car, computer, clothes, websites, landscaping, or your office building. Everything that is designed and created uses the elements of art: color, value, form, line, space, shape, and texture.

The visual arts teach us how to use these elements, and help us to be more aware of them in our world. Learning how to truly see is one of the great benefits from art classes.

AFA offers a wide variety of visual arts classes for all ages.  Each semester AFA also offers several new and exciting visual arts classes, in addition to the following:

With small class sizes, children age 3-6 enjoy basic art education through use of multimedia such as paint, clay, markers, chalk.  Students also develop coordination and decision making skills while making art and working with art tools. 


Students work on several projects with varied mediums; may include drawing, painting, pottery, printmaking, and sculpture. Classes incorporate art history, artist study, and cultural aspects to provide an broad art experience.


Concepts of line, color, shading, texture and other drawing processes & techniques are cover in this class. Explore the drawing media including pencil, crayon, pastel chalk and mixed media while learning contour and gesture drawing , calligraphic brush drawing and use of color. For the beginner drawer as well as the experienced drawer to rediscover basics to add to their drawing styles. A great precursor to painting classes.

Transform your ideas into objects you can walk around. Sculptures may be created from wire, paper mache, clay and other objects and while designing your sculpture, elements of art will be taught such as line, shape, color, movement, balance, space. Students are also exposed to several well known sculptor’s works.

Use acrylic paint and learn techniques including use of palette knife, brush drawing, mixing of colors and color theory to create and visualize paintings. Still life, landscapes and figure painting will be some of the exercises. Classes separated by ages and all skill levels welcome.



Students construct with clay using slab, coil or molded methods for great clay pieces. Projects are fired, painted, stained or glazed as they are create out of clay and other materials. Some classes include art history lessons.



*Class descriptions may vary by instructor. 

These classes offer the opportunity to learn to use specific mediums for expression.

The benefits from spending time with art are many, from learning to “see” to developing your creativity and imagination, from self-expression to realizing the many ways of expression, from telling a story, to enhanced self-esteem, and seeing and creating beauty. The arts can be used for handling stress and emotions. Additionally, developing the right side of the brain by participating in the arts has shown to improve learning.

Like any of the arts, visual art takes time, commitment, belief, trust, hard work, willingness to value expression over perfection, and provides a great feeling of accomplishment and fun. Our teachers love their specialties and most, besides being teachers, are working artists. They are talented and love to share their passion. Come take an ART class!


 Arts For All would like to acknowlege our all students.  Although we have a lot of fun in class, our students deserve kudos for their accomplishments!    Good job to all our students!