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Mission Statement

Arts For All, Inc. is a dynamic arts education program developed to be affordable for all. We provide quality culturally-enriched classes that encourage personal growth.

Values and Beliefs

  • People are naturally creative.

  • Everyone can express themselves through the arts.

  • People can learn, grow and change.

  • The arts connect the world.

  • Diversity is welcomed and appreciated.

Arts For All is For Everyone

Arts For All serves all members of the community.  Arts For All will not discriminate in its employment practices, volunteer opportunities, or the delivery of programs or services, on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age, mental, emotional, or physical ability and/or disability, handicap, military service or veteran status, or marital status.

Who is Arts For All?

Arts For All (AFA)  is a nonprofit arts education organization dedicated to making the arts available and affordable for all.  Arts For All was founded by Judith Mallory in 2006.  In its first year, AFA served just 40 students at its first class site in Omaha, Nebraska.  AFA then grew to serve over 3,400 students each year at 13 class sites in all areas of the Omaha-metro area.  Arts For All serves students of all ages and abilities.   To date, over 25,000 people from the metro-area have learned to play instruments, dance ballet, participated in community-theater, and created masterpieces through Arts For All programs. 

Arts For All is dedicated to encouraging personal growth and enhancing the lives of area youth by removing barriers and making quality arts education classes available and affordable for all.  Families with demonstrated financial need are eligible for scholarships and sliding-scale fees.  This means that families do not have to face a financial struggle in allowing their child to learn an instrument or dance ballet. 


So often, fine arts are considered “extras” when it comes to student education, and are often the first programs to be cut when school budgets are tight.  Through amazing partnerships with schools and community organizations, Arts For All reduces overhead costs.  In fact, the average Arts For All class is between 50-80% less than the cost of traditional lessons and similar programs.  Arts For All also offers several programs and events each year at no cost to participating students.

Classes are also available online and by appointment.

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