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Our Founder

As a child, Judith “Judy” Mallory was fortunate to take lessons in ballet, tap and piano. Judy continued to study piano and this allowed her to develop into an accompanist and play for many events. While Judy was growing in the performing arts, she also succeeded in high school visual arts where her artwork won multiple awards.


The arts were an everyday activity for Judy. Her parents ensured her studies came first, but they encouraged her to shine in the areas she succeeded in. It was this love and nurture which helped her to succeed in high school and into college.  Judy added choir to her growing list of accomplishments and sang in multiple choral groups during her work at Boystown, performed for her own church, and later participated in the choir at AT&T.

Judy became a traveling elementary art teacher. However, she discovered her calling when she took on the multiple roles of course developer, instructor, presenter, therapist and program manager for AT&T.  During her time with AT&T, Judy was instrumental in the

Judith Mallory

 “Within everyone of us is a creative spark.” 

                                                       –Judy Mallory 

development of the diversity department working with many different groups of employees. Judy was always been focused on diversity and inclusivity and believed in the importance of giving back to your community.

When Judy realized her dream was to incorporate her love of the arts with her life’s emphasis on service, she drew upon her many years of arts training, corporate experience and education. With that dream, a few fellow supporters, and a heart full of determination, Judy opened the doors of Arts For All, Inc. in 2006. 


As the Founder, Judy had many responsibilities. She enjoyed her leadership role, which included hiring new instructors, building curriculum, and bringing further development to AFA. Outside of the office, she fostered partnerships between AFA and the community, by working with other local non-profits, and members of Non-profit Association of the Midlands, creating new opportunities such as the Pratt Street Project, partnering with the YMCA to develop a theater program, and various community based workshops while raising awareness and fundraising for AFA.


In 2016, Judy was chosen among others in her state as the recipient of the Jefferson Award which is a prestigious national service recognition platform honoring community service and public volunteerism in America. She was then invited to the national convention and received the award for organizational achievement.


Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Judy had undergone both surgery and chemotherapy and yet remained dedicated to her work promoting the arts. She was an example of hard work, dedication and passion for what she loves. The students served by AFA are thankful for her devotion and dedication to promoting arts within the community; without her, Arts For All would not be where it is today. 

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