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Piano for All Ages

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Kids as young as 4 can learn piano! All they need are basic skills in numbers, colors, and the first seven letters of the alphabet.

Being able to sit still for about 15 minutes is also an important skill. Here are some basic skills helpful to know if your child is ready to learn piano!

Is your child ready to engage in learning that is both tactile and auditory?

While we encourage some free play on the keyboard, young children need to be able to follow some direction and keep their hands on specific keys for a short time. A short time may be about 2-3 minutes. While this may not seem long in the adult world, for young children, that's a long time without wiggling and playing! (Don't worry, we do a lot of wiggling and playing, too!)

Beginning piano classes involve learning the difference between the black and white keys, learning groups of 2 and 3 black keys, finger numbers, quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes, etc. This means basic counting skills are necessary. We only count up to 5 though, so most children can do this and enjoying showing off their counting skills!

Children also enjoy the workbook portion where they get to use colors to identify different notes and keys of the piano! Knowing basic colors helps complete these worksheets.

As we move on, we need to know that the white keys have names! They are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G! If your child has trouble with the whole alphabet, not to worry! We only need to know these first seven letter to get started.

Piano Lessons are Fun

Most of all, we try to make sure piano lessons are fun! We want to involve movement, coloring, quizzes, games, and interaction with the teacher to learn music. We try to have students learn songs they are already familiar with to keep them motivated to learn more!

If you have any questions about piano lessons for beginner students, call us, email us, or sign up for one of our classes at!

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